GLOBAL LIFT facial contour, neck and decollete restoring treatment include face massage

Global Lift –  is the first tightening product line of Skeyndor cosmetics which restores youthful face contour: face oval, neck, cheekbones. Inspired by the latest anti-aging agents and its healing procedures, SKEYNDOR has developed a completely new internal skin cell firming agent that brings a fresh wind in cosmetic products of skin tightening.

New skin care products are effectively fighting the signs of aging by accelerating the slowdown of cellular metabolism.

The special technology ProGEN-in, developed by SKEYNDOR, reduces the signs of skin aging. This innovative anti-aging skin technology helps to restore a delicate facial oval and reduce the duodenum.

Recommended for people who are 35 years old or older.

Purpose of the treatment – for mature, wrinkled, resilience and affected by photosensitivity skin.

  • 90 min.
  • € 89
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