Pedicure with paraffin bath (Kaunas)

There is a complete pedicure procedure that takes care of the nails, feet and foot skin not only from an aesthetic point of view but also from a healing point of view. The skin of the toenails is treated, the nail is given a shape, and the skin of the feet is wrinkled and hardened.

Paraffin bath foot treatment is a particularly good remedy during the cold season, which not only warms but also revitalizes dry, saggy foot skin. An abundance of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients in paraffin will help your foot skin regain lost firmness, softness and elasticity. Paraffin bath is also recommended for certain joint pains. It is very effective in relaxing muscles, reducing their stiffness and stimulating blood flow.

  • 2 val.
  • Just € 30 € 35
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