POWER OXYGEN Detoxing facial procedure with oxygen infusion

Exclusive facial skin treatment – protects the skin from environmental pollution and is saturated with the oxygen needed for the skin. At first your skin is detoxified and then saturated with oxygen.

POWER OXYGEN technology is designed to make your skin saturated with oxygen and to give a barrier from environmental pollution. Products used during this treatment contains a high content of perfluorodecalin, an oxygen-retaining substance, and two additional polysaccharides with protective effects. The combination of oxygen-enriching, anti-pollution, antioxidant, detoxifying and probiotic active ingredients ensures a stronger cleaning and comprehensive protective effect.

POWER OXYGEN is ideal for asphyxiated and fatigued skins due to the lack of oxygen that are constantly found in urban environments.


  1. Massage Gel – a massage gel that complements skin minerals and improves blood circulation. It is perfect for preparing skin for oxygen saturation procedures. The main ingredients are: red algae extract, Magnesium Asparate, Zinc and Copper Gluconate.
  2. Pure Oxygen Spray – An intensely stimulating spray with pure oxygen and perfluorodecaline, an oxygen retaining substance. Main Ingredients: Oxygen (60% v / v), Perfluorodecalin (5%).
  3. Concentrate – a face concentrate with nasturtium extract, which stimulates oxygen saturation, activating its ability to adapt to hypoxic stress and stimulating oxygen transfers in your skin.
  4. Detox Mask – Coating Mask filled with Malachite Extract; it is a mineral that helps detoxify the skin and protects against free radicals (ROS). Main Ingredients: Malachite Extract, Vitamin B3, Liposomal Seedling Extract.
  5. Protective Cream – Anti-pollution cream for face and neck. It combines prebiotic skin flora-promoting materials and film for safety. Apply in the morning and / or evening. The main ingredients are: environmental protection agent, Prebiotic oligosaccharides.
  • 60 min.
  • € 65
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