TIMELESS PRODIGY treatment against skin aging


Timless Prodigy is a multigenous, gradual affect product line which actively effects anti-ageing processes.

These products gradually turn mature skin into middle-aged or young skin and slow down the aging of young or middle aged skin. Multigenous technology is actively fighting the signs of skin aging. Each product contains 25 exclusive, scientifically selected, high-concentration active ingredients that link three cell renewal strategies together:

Activation of cell GENESIS5 growth factors and 50 million highly concentrated Damascus Rose stem cells multiply the number of cells. Restores, rejuvenates, strengthens the skin and stimulates regeneration of new cells.

Cells QUALITY improvement – extract of white truffles and teprenone extend the life of active cells and slow down their aging. Luxurious and exclusive White Truffle extract is an epigenetic modulator that works on over 40,000 anti-aging genes. This ingredient strengthens tissues, brightens the skin. Teprenone also contributes to cellular quality. Isoprenoids improve cellular communication and protect DNA against oxidative stress. Telomer stabilizes all rpocess and cell life time increases by 1/3.

Strengthening of Cell FUNCTIONwater-soluble proteoglycans and Kombucha tea are substances that stimulate effective cell function. Soluble proteoglycans restore the structure of the dermis and enhance the activity of growth factors. They affect the color and texture of the skin, soften the wrinkles. Kombucha tea is known as a “longevity drug”. Elixir is rich in organic acids, antioxidants, polyphenols and B group vitamins. This ingredient brightens the skin and improves surface texture.

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  • € 155
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