Authorial East Island SPA ritual for two

The authorial spa ritual consists of:

Foam tub for two | 30 min

The foam tub will help you not only to relax, it will also prepare your body for further spa treatments.

Luxurious pearl body scrub for her | 30 min

Pearl Scrub – removes the top dead skin layer, makes the skin smoother, supple, softer and smoother after scrubbing, giving it a natural reddish tone. The pearl scrub has a very pleasant and seductive aroma, which will perfectly relax, remove squamous cells and at the same time retain skin moisture, nourish the skin and reduce roughness.

Refreshing body scrub for him | 30 min

Specially balanced for men refreshing scrub has deep moisturizing, nourishing and softening properties. It wonderfully promotes dry skin, tones and improves skin elasticity, wonderfully softens and deeply moisturizes skin, creates a protective barrier against unwanted external factors – cold, heat, glow and wind, and accelerates skin cell renewal.

Lava stone therapy for two | 15 min

During lava stone therapy, warm stones are placed on the body to warm up the muscles before the upcoming massage. Extremely long-lasting heat retains heat to the human body, positively affects the cardiovascular and respiratory system, improves central and peripheral blood flow, lymph circulation, improves metabolism, faster elimination of toxins, restores skin tone, elasticity and water balance, improves cell supply oxygen.

Relaxing full body massage with luxurious Aromatherapy Associate Essential Oils for two | 60 min

It is a specialized massage based on Eastern and Western traditions focusing on the back, head, face, neck, shoulders and feet, enriched with the aromas and benefits of pure essential oils from Aromatherapy Assocaites.

Head massage for two | 15 min

Spot head massage is also a very pleasant relaxing procedure that helps calm the nervous system, relieve headaches and stimulate nerve endings in the head.

The service is available for couples

  • 2 val. 30 min.
  • € 219
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