East Island SPA holiday offer ‘Luxury Respite’

East Island SPA holiday offer ‘Luxury Respite’

Give yourself or the persons you love a caring gift – moments of luxurious rest. This collection of procedures will pleasantly relax, soothe the body and thoughts to let you escape from the daily tension and tiring routine. Even 2 hours of rest will make you enjoy the special sensations and pleasant aromas for a longer time and give you a new surge of energy.

Full body scrub with red wine scrub / 30 minutes

Exfoliation of red wine removes the upper dead layer of the skin so that after exfoliation the skin becomes smoother, softer, more elastic and even, and becomes naturally pink. The red wine scrub has an extremely pleasant and seductive aroma. Hence, it will perfectly relax and tone, remove the squamous skin cells meanwhile retaining moisture in the skin, nourishing the skin and reducing unevenness. The scrub is enriched with an extract obtained from a wine region of Bordeaux, France, which contains many valuable ingredients beneficial for the condition of the skin, such as peptides, vitamins, and polyphenols.

Bath with cherry foam / 30 minutes

Bath treatment using cherry foam has a positive effect on the human body, relieves tensed nerves, strengthens, improves blood circulation and stimulates skin regeneration processes. The gentle aroma of cherries soothes and relaxes.

Relaxing full body massage with pearl lotion / 45 minutes

Pearls have long been considered one of the most precious elixirs of youth. Pearl products are enriched with minerals from the underwater world, valuable salts and the lustre of rainbow pearls. The main base consists of luxurious jojoba and almond oils supplemented with natural skin-protecting components, valuable unsaturated fatty acids and moisturisers that stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis. Relaxing massage effectively relaxes the muscles of the body, soothes and positively affects the internal state of the body, reduces irritability and tension, restores well-being and eliminates fatigue. The slow, wide and gentle caressing movements of the massage will immerse you in an oasis of peace of mind and bliss.

Head massage / 15 minutes

The SPA treatment set will be completed with a scalp massage which is beneficial not only for the scalp, hair growth but also for general well-being. It will help you get rid of headaches and improve sleep quality. Regular head massages will improve supplying oxygen to the brain.

The length of the procedure – 2 hours

The price of the procedure – 89 EUR

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