Free virtual meditation upon ordering any service

Try the virtual meditation program for FREE by ordering any other service! This tool allows you to relax more effectively and faster before the chosen massage or other spa procedure. It will take only 5 minutes, but during them you will have the opportunity not only to experience the sensations you have not experienced before, but also to have an exclusive experience in the spa center at all.

If you ask yourself, is it hard to meditate? You are not alone. In addition to the fact that the virtual guide in this VR meditation makes it much easier to focus, you are surrounded by an idyllic environment that not only allows you to enjoy the beautiful view, but also plays a huge role in creating the right space for successful meditation.

East Island SPA is the first in Europe to have this virtual reality device, so it is definitely worth a try!

Did you know the benefits of virtual reality and meditation?

  • Meditation and breathing techniques can help reduce anxiety, stress, fatigue and depression. R
  • Regular meditation can increase your productivity.
  • Research has shown that Virtual Reality can trigger the same reactions, thoughts and feelings as experience in a real environment.


When making a reservation, it is necessary to inform the administrator in advance that you want to try VR meditation so that the VR equipment is not occupied at your desired time.

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