“Hypnosis” SPA ritual

“Hypnosis” is a balanced ritual for those who want to enjoy the pleasures of the SPA longer. Only SKEYNDOR products are used during this spa ritual.

The SPA set includes:

* Bath with SKEYNDOR “Tridosha” oil. This procedure will calm your body and mind. The bath will prepare your body for further procedures

* Body scrub with SKEYNDOR Indian spice scrub. During this procedure, the accumulated dirt will be removed from the skin. The skin will be revitalized and enriched with useful minerals.

* Aromatherapy full body massage. The essential oils which are used during the massage effectively relax tense muscles, tone them, and relieve stress from your body. Also, it provides spiritual and physical strength, improves the functioning of most body systems. Aromatherapy full body massage is an effective relaxation after a hard day’s work, calming the nervous system, and reducing stress. The incredible penetrating power of the scent helps to quickly feel the desired result – peace, relaxation, and the inner harmony of the body.


After the procedure, we will invite you to enjoy a cup of tea.

  • 1 val. 30 min.
  • € 75
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