„Khmer Buran“ SPA ritual

Let’s try the SPA ritual “Khmer Buran” and get acquainted with Cambodian massage culture! “Khmer Buran” ritual will be especially enjoyed by those who like traditional Thai and stronger massages.

The SPA set includes:

  • a foot bath with sea salt (10 min.) is an integral part of the ritual, which helps to calm the body, relax and warm up. Traditional Eastern medicine says that foot baths warm in the winter, improve immunity in the spring, save from heat in the summer, and strengthen the respiratory and digestive systems in the fall;
  • Khmer Buran massage (50 min.) – this massage is performed on a mattress and the client wears specially designed pajamas. Oils are not used during this massage – they focus on the points in the human body, deep and stronger presses. Unlike traditional Thai massage, yoga movements are not used here.

Enjoy SPA rituals and pay attention to the well-being of yourself and your loved ones!

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