Procedures complex – Cleopatra charm!

Egypt is a place where beauty has been seen and revered since time immemorial. In the legendary Keopatros milk bath is indullied to this day and its remarkable effect on the body is believed.

All Egyptian procedures aim exclusively at the beauty and relaxation balance.

The Treatment complex “charm of Cleopatra” consists of: Full Body Scrub (20 min)

It is carried out with a black pearl scrub, which not only eliminates the layer of dead skin cells, opens pores, after it noticeably improves skin condition and function, but also intensively nourishes. The Pearls have since been old one of the most precious elixirs of youth, and after this procedure everyone will feel the lightness of the whole body.

Milk and Honey Bath (20 min)

Bathroom ingredients are selected based on the expertise of Egyptian specialists, and the effect is remarkable: opens pores and deeply cleanses, reduces wrinkles and relaxes. In Bath water, milk and honey nourishes, refreshes and softens the skin.

Full body Relaxing Massage (50 min)

Massaged with natural plant and essential oils effectively relaxes the muscles and tones them, and also eliminates insomnia, relieves stress, gives spiritual and physical strength and improves the functioning of many body systems.

  • 90min.
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