Relaxing SPA ritual „Aromatherapy feeling”

Enjoy relaxing SPA program that will let you not only relax, but also to feel the real power of aromatherapy.
SPA package includes:
Foot bath with sea salt (10 min.)
Traditional Oriental Medicine says that foot bath in the winter – warm, spring – strengthens the immune system, in the summer – rescues from the heat, and in the fall – strengthens the respiratory and digestive systems. Foot “collected data” about the state of health: both individual organs and the whole body in general. The operation of certain areas of the feet, can affect internal organs without direct contact, to stimulate their activities to eliminate ailments.
Whole body scrub juniper (20 min.)
Body scrub enriched with wild pine extract, cleanses, softens the skin and gives a feeling of softness and long-lasting freshness. Pine extract has a high content of tannins and phytoncides who restores, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Contains the Siberian herbs, vitamins, saponins, phytoncides, tannins, has a calming effect, it softens the skin and gives smoothness.
Back, shoulder and foot massage with a luxurious Aromatherapy Associates cosmetics (45 min.)
This massage uses natural vegetable and luxurious Essential Aromatherapy Associates oils effectively relaxes tense muscles, their tones, rescues from insomnia, alleviates stress, provide spiritual and physical strength, improves the majority of the body’s systems functioning. It is an efficient tool for relaxation after a hard day, ramainanti nervous system and reduces stress. Incredible penetrating smell can help you quickly feel the desired result – peace, relaxation, an influx of new strength and inner harmony of the body.
  • 1 val. 15 min.
  • Just € 52 € 75
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