Royal SPA relaxation ritual

Let us give ourselves or our loved ones a royal moment of rest. Stressful time, fatigue and stress balance our emotional and not infrequently physical well-being. That’s why the East Island SPA team has put together a 2-hour spa break so that you not only have the opportunity to enjoy special experiences, time for yourself, but also feel better, fresher and have more energy.

The spa ritual consists of:

Foot bath with cinnamon foam / 5 min. You can start the spa with a foot bath, which will help you to relax, calm down and warm up. Not only is it an extremely simple way to boost immunity, but it’s also a great way to prevent colds in the early stages. Cinnamon foam will give a more pleasant feeling. The essential oil in the cinnamon bark has warming, circulatory properties.

Exotic body scrub / 30 min. Whole body scrub is one of the most suitable means before the chosen massage. In this way, the skin used by the massage is better absorbed by the body skin. Body scrub removes dead skin cells, promotes skin regeneration and improves blood circulation. Exfoliating exotic body scrub, which contains valuable jojoba and almond oils, perfectly moisturizes the skin, removes bumps and treats inflammation, promotes skin rejuvenation and restores skin elasticity.

Relaxing full body massage / 60 min. A relaxing massage is suitable for everyone who wants to forget and break away from their daily routine. This massage effectively relaxes the muscles of the body, soothes and positively affects the internal state of the body, reduces irritability and tension, eliminates fatigue. Slow, wide and gentle stroking movements are used during the massage.

Whole body cranberry wrap / 25 min. Cranberries contain natural sugar, pectins, tannins, organic acids. Extremely rich in vitamins A, C, P, B groups, carotene, minerals. Therefore, wrapping cranberries with a very pleasant, fresh and lasting smell will provide the body’s skin with beneficial substances while softening it. Cranberry mask is perfect for the prevention of dilated capillaries.

Express face and head massage / 15 min. During the year of cranberry wrapping, you will be given an express face and head massage. These are especially relaxing massages that are perfect for completing the whole relaxation ritual.

Enjoy spa rituals and pay attention to the well-being of yourself and your loved ones!

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