Seasonal SPA offer “Amber autumn”

The seasonal autumn SPA offer is a touch of amber and rowan berries to your body and soul. During this spa ritual, you can enjoy natural aromas as well as moisturizing and nourishing spa treatments.

The SPA set consists of:

  • Body warming foot bath / 5 min.

The foot bath will revitalize you and immediately create a feeling of comfort, it will help your body to calm down and warm up. Traditional Eastern medicine claims that foot baths warm, improve immunity, strengthen the respiratory and digestive systems.

  • Whole body scrub with amber scrub with amber dust / 20 min.

From time immemorial, amber has been highly valued for its many beneficial properties for human well-being and health. Amber, called Lithuanian gold, harmonizes thoughts, gives positivity, removes negative energy accumulated in the body and promotes creativity. It also inhibits aging processes, strengthens the structure of connective tissues, promotes the healing of small wounds, tightens skin pores and improves the absorption of other substances. A full body scrub with an amber scrub lotion will tone and prepare your body for a massage, making the skin cleaner and brighter.

  • Relaxing full body massage with rowan oil / 45 min.

After the full body scrub, a relaxing full body massage awaits you, it will not only help you relax, soothe your tense body and enjoy pleasant smells, but will also provide the body with beneficial properties. It is no secret that bright red rowan berries are a true symbol of autumn, but little is known that these autumn delicacies contain vitamins C, E, B2, K, P and PP, zinc, magnesium, iron, iodine and potassium in them and these berries carrying essential oil are offered to treat a wide range of ailments. Rowan oil soothes, revitalizes and tones the skin, tightens pores, whitens pigment spots, makes the skin more elastic. The fresh aroma of rowan will give a sense of the energy of the autumn berries and the vitality they provide.

  • Acupressure head massage / 15 min.

Head massage has a positive effect on the nervous system and relieves tension. Acupressure helps to soothe headaches and stimulates nerves in the head, strengthens hair roots. Massage improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, which improves memory and sleep.

After the procedures, we will serve a cup of hot tea.

The length of the procedure – 1 hour 25 minutes.

The price of the procedure – 64 EUR

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