Seasonal SPA offer “Autumn harmony“ FOR TWO

We invite you to enjoy the harmony of autumn at the East Island spa centers. We have created a spa ritual that will tone you with special scents, saturate your skin with an abundance of vitamins and antioxidants, and the gentle but firm movements of massage masters will relax, warm and pamper your body.


The SPA set contains:

Full body scrub with green tea scrub | 20 min

Body scrub will prepare your body for the massage. Green tea scrub deeply moisturizes the skin, promotes cell regeneration, delays aging processes. Green tea is a natural source of vitamin C, so this procedure is not only body care, but also protection against bacteria, viruses and immunity strengthening.

Relaxing full body massage with blackcurrants cream | 50 min

After the body scrub, a relaxing full body massage with blackcurrant cream awaits you. Due to the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals contained in the composition, blackcurrants act as an antioxidant. After the blackcurrant ritual, the skin becomes healthy, soft and radiant, the ritual strengthens immunity, moisturizes and tones.

Point foot massage | 5 min

By stimulating certain points on the feet, we can achieve incredible results: we overcome fatigue, reduce stress, back pain, joint and muscle pain, improve emotional well-being, and stabilize the body’s energy balance.

Head massage | 10 min

We will end the spa ritual with a head massage. During this massage, the scalp is stimulated, blood circulation in the head is accelerated. Head massage improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, which improves memory and sleep.

After the treatments, we will invite you for a cup of tea in the SPA lounge.

The treatment is performed for both persons at the same time in one room.

We have taken care of everything you need for your relaxing vacation:

  • Upon arrival at the spa center, we will offer you reusable slippers, which we thoroughly disinfect after each use. We have given up disposable slippers because we contribute to creating a more sustainable environment.
  • During the procedures, we recommend wearing disposable panties, which you will find in the massage room. You can wear your underwear if you want, but during some procedures it may be stained by the cosmetic products used for the procedure.
  • After the shower, you will find a towel prepared for you, and in the shower you will find toiletries. Inform the spa center administrator if you need a hair dryer.

The service is available for couples

  • 1 h 25 min
  • Just € 129 € 170
Buy a SPA procedure
129 €

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