Seasonal SPA ritual “Sweet winter rest”

The seasonal winter SPA ritual will reveal the most savoury aromas and pamper you with extremely pleasant SPA treatments. ‘Sweet Winter Rest’ is perfectly balanced for everyone who wants quality rest in the SPA centre – it is a great gift for yourself or the people you love. A foot bath with cinnamon foam, a full body scrub with an oriental scrub, a relaxing massage with a juicy peach oil and a foot massage will make you forget the harsh winter and take you to a real oasis of rest and tranquillity!

The SPA set consists of:

  • Body warming foot bath with cinnamon foam / 5 min.

The foot bath will revitalize and immediately create a feeling of comfort to help the body calm down and warm up. Traditional Eastern medicine suggests that foot baths warm, improve immunity, and strengthen the respiratory and digestive systems. Cinnamon perfectly tones, stimulates blood circulation and relaxes muscles.

  • Full body scrub with oriental body scrub / 20 min.

The ingredients used in the oriental scrub (jojoba and almond oils, spices, oriental plant extracts, enriched with natural skin-protecting components) stimulate metabolism and improve blood circulation, promote the removal of toxins from the body and balance energy flows. The aroma of oriental spices, which creates a warm and festive feeling, will help you relax faster and take you to a real oasis of Eastern sensations. A full body scrub will prepare your body for a massage, making your skin cleaner, softer and brighter.

  • Relaxing full body massage with peach oil / 45 min.

After the full body scrub, a relaxing full body massage awaits you which will not only help you relax, soothe a tense body and enjoy pleasant aromas but will also give the body beneficial properties. Aromatherapy experts suggest that the smell of peaches has an antidepressant effect. It not only has a positive effect on mood but also improves brain function, memory, and increases concentration. Potassium and phosphorus in peaches improve heart function and restore overall human performance.

  • Foot massage / 15 min.

Foot massage improves blood circulation, relaxes every organ to soothe the body and helps to restore balance as massage stimulates homeostasis – a process that balances all body systems.

After the procedures, we will serve a cup of hot tea.

The length of the procedure – 1 hour 25 minutes.

The price of the procedure – 64 EUR

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