SPA program for women skin of the body and face

We invite you to take care of your well-being, separate fatigue, but also to appear radiant skin of the body and face. Smooth, well-groomed skin and a radiant face – a combination full of youth!

The SPA program consists of:

Body scrub with ginger-orange scrub / 20 min. – Ginger-orange body scrub tightens the skin, stimulates metabolism, the body’s cleansing process, gives more beautiful body shapes. Exfoliating with a ginger-orange scrub instantly warms the body, providing a long-lasting feeling of warmth that relaxes the calves, stimulates blood circulation, tones, and effectively combats cellulite against the lymphatic system.

Mud wrapping / 20 min – this skin regenerating procedures contain natural black mud enriched with minerals. During the wrapping procedure, the thermal dirt easily penetrates into the opened pores, cleanses and supports the skin, making it remarkably soft and smooth.

Acupressure head massage / 10 min – massage has a positive effect on the nervous system, relieves tension. With the help of head massage to soothe headaches and stimulation of the nerve in the head, strengthened hair roots, help use baldness.

Lower body parts: deep buttocks and legs massage / 30 min – During this massage, the attention of the massage master is focused on one of the lower parts of the body. This massage uses a special technique where certain points of the body are pressed. Massage oils perform specific movements that have detoxification, muscle relaxation, accelerated blood circulation, removed sensation of leg heaviness, rapid metabolism and oxygenation of the body.

The SPA program completes the Express Facial Styling Procedure / 30 min – according to your facial skin tips, if you have a cosmetology problem, you need to show one Uniqcure (Skeyndor) and one MyMask (Skeyndor) ) face mask. You will get to know and try the skin care products that have already been evaluated.

  • 1 val. 50 min.
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