SPA ritual “Secrets of Royal Rest”

This SPA set will be enjoyed by those who crave a longer and even more relaxing SPA ritual. During the ritual, you will enjoy luxurious cosmetics, soothing aromas and perfectly balanced procedures that will immerse you in a real oasis of peace. This rest will be appreciated by your body, mind, and soul. Discover the secrets of the Royal Rest, a rest that everyone definitely desires and deserves,

  • Bath with SKEYNDOR Tridosha oil. A warm aromatic bath will soothe your body, relax those tense muscles, remove tension in the body and prepare the body for further treatment.
  • Body scrub with Dead Sea salt. The body scrub with Dead Sea salt perfectly cleanses, revitalises, soothes, and enriches the skin with beneficial minerals. After scrubbing, the skin becomes smoother, more elastic, softer, and smoother, and acquires a natural pink tone. According to ancient Eastern wisdom, salt perfectly absorbs all negative energy.
  • Full body mud wrap. During wrapping, when exposed to heat, the mud easily penetrates into the opened pores, deeply cleanses and nourishes the skin making it incredibly gentle and smooth.
  • While you are enjoying the mud wrap, we will take care of your facial skin. The moisturising face mask from Aromatherapy Associates will help you restore the moisture balance, as well as revitalising and soothing your facial skin.
  • Extremely relaxing 90-minute full body massage. This is especially effective in relaxing the muscles of the body, soothing and having a positive effect on spiritual balance, as well as improving general well-being. The massage is performed with a deeply relaxing massage cream from Aromatherapy Associates, which helps the body and mind to relax more easily, soothes, refreshes your thoughts and effectively softens the skin. Slow, wide, and gentle caressing massage movements will immerse you in an oasis of peace of mind and bliss.
  • For an even deeper relaxation before the massage, the towels and sheets are sprayed with a relaxing and pleasant soothing aroma mist from Aromatherapy Associates.

After the treatment, we will invite you to enjoy some tea, which will enhance even more the pleasure of relaxation.

Duration – 3 hours

Price for one – 149 Eur

Price for two – 269 Eur

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  • 3 hours
  • € 149
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