SPA set for a beautiful body lines and shining face!

Body scrub with icy sugar scrub (20 min.)
Spa icy sugar scrub tightens skin, reduces weight, gives more beautiful body shape. Juniper, yarrow, wild mint extracts, softens, regenerates, firms and nourishes the skin. Siberian pine oil protects the skin from adverse environmental factors, slows down skin aging processes. Wild sea buckthorn extract moisturizes, tightens the skin, preserves youthfulness of the skin.
Mud wrap (20 min.)
This skin regenerating procedure is used for natural black mud, rich in minerals. Wrapping procedure exposed to heat mud easily penetrates into the opened pores, cleanses and nourishes the skin, so it becomes extremely soft and smooth.
Spot head massage (10 min.)
Massage positively affects the nervous system, relieves stress. Scalp massage helps to soothe headaches and stimulates the mind in the nerves, strengthens hair roots, prevent hair loss.
The lower part of the body: the legs and buttocks deep tissue massage (30 min.)
This massage massage expert attention is paid to the underside of body positions. This massage uses a special technique when pressed certain points of the body. Massaging oils Specific movements that promote detoxification, muscle relaxation, accelerated blood circulation, removes the feeling of heaviness in the legs, material-accelerated metabolism and the body’s oxygen supply.
Complete spa program with Express facial treatment (30 min.)
According to your skin type, or you have a problem beautician will select one Uniqcure (Skeyndor) facial ampoule and MyMask (Skeyndor) of the face mask. A closer look and try already assessed facial skin care products.
  • 1val. 40min.
  • Just € 69 € 95
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