Special winter SPA offer – Winter fantasy!

Introducing the new Winter Spa Kit – Winter Fantasy! Enjoy the benefits of sea buckthorn and grapefruit!

1. Scrubs all over the body, toning and deeply nourishing skin / 20 min.

Scrub for body with sea buckthorn and honey extract perfectly cleans and refreshes the skin, helps preserve beauty and youth. Altaic Sea Buckthorn Oil contains deep, nourish skin, gives it elasticity and softness. Buckwheat honey extract provides the skin with elasticity and firmness. Natural sage extract provides tonic effect, helps eliminate toxins, gives softness and smoothness.

2. Full body massage with intensive skin regenerating and hydrating grapefruit oil / 50 min.

This massage is suitable for anyone who wants to relax after a difficult day, forgetting the routine and gaining new strength. It is especially effective in relaxing body muscles, calming and positively affecting the spiritual balance, restoring well-being and night sleep. Massage involves slow, gentle, tedious movements.

3. Oriental spotted foot massage / 15 min

4. Sea buckthorn tea cup for body harmony

Duration – 1 hour 25 minutes

Price – 61 Eur / two 112 Eur

  • 1 val. 25 min.
  • Just € 61 € 85

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